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3 Simple Home Maintenance Tips That Will Save You $$$ Renovation Money

Updated: Sep 21, 2023

If you own a home, then you know a lot of time and money can go to its maintenance. Unfortunately, maintenance it’s not something you can skip or sacrifice. To be on the safe side, you must ensure that home maintenance and inspections are done and on a timely basis.

However, home maintenance doesn’t need to be an expensive exercise and certainly doesn't need to be an extra to-do item to gobble up your precious time. We can help you!

On your own, you could do simple checks regularly to keep your house in the right condition at all times. Some of these things won’t take the time or much resources, but you do need to make sure you are conducting the right inspections and maintenance checks to ensure nothing is hiding that will cause disastrous damage down the road. And best of all, regular maintenance can save a lot of money versus a huge renovation resulting from a hidden problem.

This article shares with you simple home maintenance tips that will save you renovation money. Apply these tips, and you’ll enjoy the benefits they offer.


home builder contractor looking over list

Sometimes we incur costs that we could have prevented if we were keen and vigilant enough. And this is the reason why you need to do a regular home inspection. Spend time going around your home and checking if everything is in order.

Begin with the house. Do a close inspection and ensure there is no problem or damage you can see. Check all other areas of your home. It’s advisable to get help from home maintenance experts. For instance, Fuquay-Varina home maintenance will give you a detailed inspection report for your home.

If you work with experts, they already know areas that are frequently affected by any damage that could happen in your home.


woman cleaner holding mop

Cleaning your home seems like a simple exercise, but you can only know its impacts when you try it and get the best results from it.

Dirt build up over different parts of your home can not only be unsightly, but it also can contribute to a growing problem of bacteria, dirty air quality, and with time, the dirt can start deteriorating affected areas. In some cases, dirty areas left untreated and cleaned can cause more damage at a very high cost.

So, to be on the safe side, clean your home regularly. Do a deep cleaning and leave your house looking good, safe and protected for the long term.


white paint with buckets and brush

Regular repainting seems like a small task and project on the house. You can probably agree with me that a simple house repainting will uplift its looks and leave it looking like a brand new home.

When you repaint your house or other parts of your home, the project provides an opportunity to evaluate your home up close and find potential problem areas before they become extreme.

So, if it's time to revive a warn-out look and keep your home looking fresh, get your favorite paint and grab a brush. If you’re confident enough, you can repaint the house on your own. Otherwise, contact us to get an expert to do the job for you.


Regular home inspections, deep cleanings, and repainting seem like simple things, but they will go a long way in protecting your home. These are among the most simple ways to maintain your home, giving huge results for the longevity of your home.

Butler Homes provides homeowners a convenient way to maintain your home with our Bi-Annual Home Maintenance Plans.

Let us save you time and use our professional eye to keep your home in tip top shape so that your largest investment can last a lifetime.

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