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Transparency and putting customers first is our #1 goal


Open and honest communication every time



Projects on time, on budget the way you want


About Butler Homes

A local, family-owned home construction business


"Customers have their own home renovation dreams and desires. Our #1 goal is to make those home plans and dreams a beautiful reality." 

- Steven Eisenberg | Owner


Hi, I'm Steven

As the owner of Butler Homes LLC, I've been in the residential and commercial renovation business for over 15 years helping customers with home improvement projects of all sizes. My experience is extensive with hundreds of completed projects - everything from installing mailboxes and windows, to kitchen and bedroom renovations, to building custom homes. Working side-by-side with clients every step of the way is what our customers appreciate about Butler Homes. 

Father of two amazing boys & two wonderful girls who keep me in line and having fun. Husband to a beautiful and supportive wife.


When I am not helping customers with home improvement projects, you can find me along our beautiful Carolina coast, serving the community in some capacity, or definitely trying to tire out my kids. 

Take the Next Step...Get in Touch for a Free Consultation and Estimate

At Butler Homes, we pride ourselves with years of experience with fast, quality service at competitive rates.


Our customer service truly delivers. Your new home or home remodeling project is done when you are 100% satisfied


If you are thinking about new home construction or renovation project,

get in touch with us for a consultation. 

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